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Woodlands Pet Cremations
Woodlands Pet Cremations
Woodlands Pet Cremations

Our Services

At Woodlands

we put our love for pets

 and their owners in all that we do
Woodlands Pet Cremations

Individual Cremations

We can collect your pet from your veterinary surgery or home address (There is a nominal fee charged for this, From £20.00). Your pet will then be transported to our Woodlands site and will be cremated alone within a clean, enclosed chamber. We guarantee that your pet will be cremated alone and the ashes will be delivered back to you within three days. for a charge, or they can be collected from us. Your pet's ashes will be carefully placed into a scatter tube of your choice which is included in the price or into an urn or casket, for an additional cost. Examples of which can be found on our Urns Caskets and Memorials page.

Woodlands Pet Cremations
Woodlands Pet Cremations

Our Farewell Room

On arrival to Woodlands. Once your pet has been placed in our care, you will be invited into our welcome room, where, we can discuss your wishes for your pets final journey. we endevour to afford owners as much time as they need and have a clear understanding  of your desires for your pet.
We have a Farewell Room within the area, where, if you wish, in the peacefull atmosphere, spend some time and say your final farewells

Clear And Transparent Pricing

At Woodlands, we provide clear and transparent pricing with no hidden costs to make it as simple as possible to choose an option that suits you. Individual cremation prices include the cost of a scatter tube. If you would prefer a more permanent urn or casket for your pet’s ashes or a memorial, please see our urns, caskets and memorials page.


Up To 1kg

Our little pets like 
Mice Hamsters Budgies And Gerbils



Up To 2kg

Our little pets like 
guinea pigs Kittens and




Our smaller pets like cats, smaller dogs and large rabbits




 Our average sized dog
friends like
Bull Terriers and Spaniels.




Our larger dog friends like Labradors
and German Shepherds.


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Our prices are based on the size of your pet. If you’re unsure which applies to you please get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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